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Healthy Travel Kit

December  2019

As a former traveling sales lady I made sure to have many of these essential items in my travel kit. It is worth the time and energy to create your kit and bring it with you whenever you travel. 

Make the kit at home and depending on the length of your trip you can use Monday through Sunday pill containers for just a few of each capsule. Just use a label maker to mark the sections of the container.


Many of these items are found in your local health food store, pharmacy and even the grocery store. 




Nothing worse than a digestive upset while away from home. A few of these items on hand will soothe your tummy. 

Probiotics to keep the digestive system healthy.

NOW Super Enzymes with meals. 

If you feel queasy: Candied Ginger for digestion after a meal.

If you are gassy: Activated Charcoal for tummy upset and gas. 

Fresh Bananas or Carob powder are helpful if you get diarrhea. 




This has the best remedy to have in your purse in case of a fall or twisting an ankle. I take the tabs or pellets and also put the gel on the body part that is hurting. Tada quick relief. 

Arnica gel or cream and Arnica pellets 30 C for bumps and bruises and headaches. 



I love and keep Oscillococcinum for flu symptoms in my purse and in the medicine cabinet. Take it at the first sign of the flu. Comes in packages of 6, 12 and 30. Comes in small tubes. Open a tube and place content under tongue and allow to dissolve. Do not eat or drink for 15 minutes. Use it when you feel a headache, stomach upset, just that feeling of oh no am I getting the flu?  




Peppermint Oil for headache,I love the DoTerra Brand.

Holy Basil or Tulsi Essential Oil to awaken your senses- use it for those long driving days. 

Lavender Oil for calming and headaches. 

Neroli Oil for anxiety and stress.




NO JET LAG homeopathic remedy for Jet Lag. 

Emergen-C or Ener-C vitamin packets energizing and immune protective. If I feel a cold coming on I take 2 packets at once. Great in warm water too!




Colloidal Silver Spray great to spray your hands and nose on a plane.

Silver gel or cream for cuts

Natural Hand Sanitizer Spray or wipes for plane and hotels



Wellness Formula, Source Naturals

Elderberry Capsules Natures Way, often used for flu.

Echinacea Immune Support, Yogi Tea  overall protection

Ricola Throat Lozenges with Vitamin C 

Zand Elderberry Zinc Lozenges

Oil of Oregano, liquid or capsules 

Anti-V Capsules Natural Factors

Grapefruit Seed Extract, Liquid or capsule, Nutribiotic




Rescue Remedy drops or lozenges, I love the Red Currant Flavor.

Natural Vitality Calm Powder 

Historical Remedies Homeopathic Stress Mints




All Terrain, Herbal Armor, Natural Insect Repellent

Alba Botanica Natural Hawaiian Sunscreen SPF 45

Similasan Complete Eye Relief Eye Drops

Water Purifier -LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle with 2-Stage Integrated Filter Straw for Hiking, Backpacking, and Travel


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Bonnie McDonald Dixon

Bonnie McDonald Dixon has worked in the Natural Foods Industry for over 25 years.  She could took charge of her health using natural products and a good dose of common sense.


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