Can a Simple Patch Relieve Pain, Restore Health, and Create Abundance?

Want relief from pain or help issues?

Bonnie and I were recently introduced to LifeWave products and like what we see.


The products may be able to help you or your loved ones enjoy a healthier life with less pain.


You may also be interested in the business opportunity.


The team is amazing with a lot of personal integrity.


LifeWave creates a range of phototherapy patches to help reduce pain and stimulate natural healing in the body. No harmful chemicals ever enter the body from the patches.


We have heard stunning testimonials from people within our team who have had amazing results.


There are regular presentations with Dr. Karen Kan, medical doctor and practitioner of Integrated Medicine and Acupuncture.


Please let is know if you would like to learn more about LifeWave.


We can send you videos by email and by phone.


We can talk to you on the phone and refer you to experts within the team.


We can invite you to presentations and Q & A sessions.


You can call or text us or use the calendar buttons to book a Zoom session:

  • Greg Dixon: 604-762-6410
  • Bonnie McDonald Dixon: 604-314-9233
  • Relieve Pain
    Many report fast and amazing reduction of pain.

  • Restore Health
    LifeWave patches can often relieve the symptoms of many physical ailment. What is causing you discomfort and impeding your life?

  • Create Abundance 
    2020 and COVID-19 have brought many changes to our lives and livelihood.


    Perhaps you could make a great income by helping others with their health and quality of life?

  • Help People
    Help friends and family have a happy, healthy, wealthy life.

LifeWave X39 Patch Product Description

LifeWave founder David Schmidt has developed a patch designed to elevate a peptide, which is known to activate stem cells. When elevated, this peptide can help support the wound healing process and immune function, elevate antioxidants, manage inflammation, and stimulate the production of collagen.

Horses Don't Lie

The placebo effect is well documented. People often experience benefits from a therapy even when they receive a placebo, or harmless substitute like a sugar pill. The mind is a mysterious and powerful influence on what our bodies experience.  Horses don't have intellectual expectations, so they are not prone to the placebo effect.

LifeWave Business Opportunity

LifeWave products are distributed through Network Marketing. We have signed up to be independent distributers for LifeWave products. The video below explains the opportunity. So far the team and support has been impressive.

  • LifeWave X39 Patches

    A patch designed to elevate a peptide known to activate your stem cells to improve energy, sleep and general wellness.

  • LifeWave IceWave Patches

    Safe and natural pain relief for whole body and local pain.

  • Y-Age Aeon Patches

    Clinically proven to reduce stress, reduce inflammation, and promote relaxation in the body.

  • Energy Enhancer Patches

    Clinically proven to enhance energy and endurance

Dr. Karen Kan demonstrates the protocols for using the patches to relieve pain and provide relief for various ailments.