Want to be a Happy Healthy Camper?

Try the

7 Day Simple Health Reset

Bonnie and Greg have worked with Michale Hartte, Diet & Detox Specialist, to provide simple daily habits to keep you a Happy Healthy Camper for a long time.


The program delivers 3 tips each day for 7 days.  Each day covers an area of your life where simple habits make a big difference.

  • Day 1 ~ Mindset
    The body follows the mind. Miss this part and nothing will work for the long term.

  • Day 2 ~ Diet
    The body follows the mind. Miss this part and nothing will work for the long term.

  • Day 3 ~ Detox

    Let’s face the facts. Toxins drive inflammation in the body. Get the toxins out, put inflammation at bay. Results? No aches and pains, better brain, youthful appearance, and one of the most important things you can do to prevent illness, disease, and gosh forbid - sheer depression!

  • Day 4 ~ Daily Routine

    Get the simple things you can do to balance your hormones to set the stage to reach your ideal weight, end moodiness and get your best sleep.

  • Day 5 ~ Digestion

    You are only as good as what you can digest. Feel clean and lean again with smooth digestion.

  • Day 6 ~ Sleep

    Deep restful sleep is one of the most important things to achieve a fresh look and feel, all-day energy, fat loss (especially around the belly), better recovery from exercise, and longevity. Learn 3 top tips that work!

  • Day 7 ~ Exercise

    Get the #1 tip to tone your muscles, shape your body and feel strong and confident again.

Michale Hartte
Diet & Detox Specialist

3 Bonuses

  • 7 Day Easy Meal Planner

    Easy, healthy meal plan.

  • Fit n' Health Plan Book 

    The healthy diet and lifestyle plan made easy!

  • Private Facebook Group

    Access a private Facebook Group with others on the Fit n' Healthy Track

    Be part of our community, feel supported, give support.


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